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Environmental Health & Safety Accident Prevention Program

Accident Prevention Program

WSU’s Accident Prevention Program (APP) promotes employee health and safety. WSU’s Safety Policies and Procedures Manual documents how WSU intends to provide a safe and productive work environment, conforming to State rules at the University level. These policies and procedures provide general guidance. Colleges, departments, and/or areas must develop more specific procedures establishing safe work practices for WSU’s diverse work environments. WSU EHS’ APP is provided as a template for colleges, departments, and/or areas use. Only those APP chapters applicable to area work activities require development. Occasionally, establishing safe procedures for unique work activities or environments may necessitate additional APP chapters, or significantly revising template chapters.

Questions and requests for assistance can be directed to OH&S at 509.335.3041 or sringo@wsu.edu.

Select from the APP chapters in the table below, and incorporate chapters applicable to the work performed by your college, area, department or work unit.

Accident Prevention Plan Template
APP Guidance and Instructions
Accident and Injury Reporting
Bloodborne Pathogens
Compressed Gas Cylinders
Confined Space
Elevating Work Platforms
Fall Protection
General Material Handling and Storage
Hazard Notification
Hazard Communication
Heat Stress
Laboratory Safety
Lead (Pb) Safety
Machine and Tool Safety
Motorized Vehicle Safety
Personal Protective Equipment
Safety Bulletin Boards
Safety Committees
Spill Response
Trenching and Excavation
Dangerous and Universal Waste Management
Wildfire Smoke (Update coming soon based upon new emergency or permanent ruling)



Your college, department or area safety committee is an excellent resource for APP development. The APP should be reviewed regularly by the safety committee and modified as necessary in response to workplace near misses or incidents or changes to State rules and regulations. Contact EHS for assistance. EHS should be consulted if template chapters are changed significantly or if new chapters are required to ensure rule compliance. Ultimately the APP serves as a resource for WSU employees seeking guidance, and wanting to work safely.

Safety Policies Procedures Manual: Accident Prevention Responsibility