Washington State University
Environmental Health & Safety Recordkeeping


  • The Chemical Hygiene Plan must be reviewed and evaluated at least annually by the PI or laboratory supervisor, be updated as necessary, and be available to all employees. (Policy Reference – WAC 296-828).
  • Current chemical inventories should be maintained for each laboratory and made available in case of emergency. It is recommended that they be updated at least annually.
  • Employee Accident Report records, Employee Training records and Industrial Insurance records are maintained by Human Resource Services. The Departmental Administrator and the Principal Investigator or laboratory Supervisor should keep copies of all accident/incident reports filed.
  • Environmental Health & Safety maintains records of employee attendance at EH&S sponsored safety and health training. Laboratories should maintain records of all internal safety and health training related to hazard communication and/or laboratory safety.
  • Occupational Health Medical records for employees are maintained in medical office of the physician who performs consultation and/or physical examination or through Human Resource Services. Confidentiality of medical records is maintained.