Environmental Health & Safety Workplace Safety

WSU’s Safety & Health Program

The overall program consists of the Safety Policies and Procedures Manual, Occupational Health & Safety administered programs, and department level safety and health programs.  The goal of these programs is controlling exposures to chemical, physical and biological hazards to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses.

Departments’ Role

Each department’s role in the University’s overall safety and health program involves developing and implementing an Accident Prevention Program.  Additionally, Work Specific Safety and Health Programs, a Laboratory Safety Program and a Student Safety Program might be needed based on the activities performed by the department.

Safety Committees’ Role

Safety Committees play a vital role as part of the University’s overall program by promoting and supporting their department’s safety and health programs and providing an employee forum for safety.

Environmental Health & Safety’s Role

EH&S’s Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) program promotes and supports the University’s overall safety and health program.

OH&S primary role is to assists departments, employees and safety committees in implementing policies, programs and procedures by providing a number of Safety and Health Services and Resources.

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