Washington State University
Environmental Health & Safety Workplace Safety

WSU’s Safety & Health Program

The program comprises the Safety Policies and Procedures Manual, college, department and area safety and health programs, and Occupational Health & Safety administered programs.  These programs help control exposures to chemical, physical and biological hazards and prevent occupational injuries and illnesses.

Departments’ Role

Each college’s, department’s and/or area’s role in the University’s overall safety and health program involves developing and implementing an Accident Prevention Program.  Additionally, Work Specific Safety and Health Programs, a Laboratory Safety Program and a Student Safety Program might be needed based on the activities performed by the department.

Safety Committees’ Role

Safety Committees play a vital role as part of the University’s overall program by promoting and supporting their department’s safety and health programs and providing an employee forum for safety.

Environmental Health & Safety’s Role

EH&S’s Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) program promotes and supports the University’s overall safety and health program.

OH&S primary role is to assists departments, employees and safety committees in implementing policies, programs and procedures by providing a number of Safety and Health Services and Resources.