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Environmental Health & Safety Training, Information, and Factsheets

Training, Information, and Factsheets

The Principal Investigator or Laboratory Supervisor must provide employees with information and training to ensure that they are apprised of the hazards of chemicals present in their work area. (Policy Reference – WAC 296-828).

  • Chemical hazard information must be provided at the time of an employee’s initial assignment to a work area where hazardous chemicals are present and prior to assignments involving new exposure situations. This information must be provided by the employing department and may be supplemented by sending employees to appropriate EH&S laboratory safety training classes.
    Employees shall be informed of:

    •     The contents of the Laboratory Safety Standard: Appendix A.
    •     Location and availability of the Chemical Hygiene Plan.
    •     Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs): Appendix B.
    •     Signs and symptoms of overexposure: Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
    •     Laboratory safety references: Appendix G.
    •     Labeling requirements: Section II.H.
  • Employee training shall include:
    • Methods and observations that may be used to detect the presence or release of hazardous chemicals.
      • Information should be provided on the SDS sheet which indicates whether or not a release of the hazardous chemical can be observed visually or can be detected by odor at concentrations below the PEL.
    • If no information can be found which indicates the detectability of the hazardous chemical, provisions may be made for environmental sampling by contacting Environmental Health & Safety, 335-3041.
  • The physical and health hazards of chemicals in the work area.
  • The measures employees can take to protect themselves from these hazards, such as appropriate work practices, the use of engineered control devices (such as fume hoods or other ventilation equipment), emergency procedures, and the proper use of personal protective equipment.
  • The applicable details of the laboratory’s Chemical Hygiene Plan.
  • Attendance at EH&S laboratory safety training classes and/or completion of WSU Online Safety Courses may be used to fulfill part of this training requirement. Principal Investigators or laboratory supervisors must provide the majority of this training. EH&S supports the internal training programs through courses and resources made available to the employing department.
    • An information meeting can be scheduled for administrators, faculty, PIs, and supervisors on the elements of the Laboratory Safety Standard.
    • Laboratory Safety Standard Supervisor training is offered to assist supervisors in setting up their internal training program.
    • EH&S has audio visual resources and laboratory safety references available for departmental use.
    • EH&S has Factsheets available. Factsheets are one page introductory level safety-related information sheets. Copies of the factsheets are on display at University Stores, Facilities Operations, Human Resource Services, Housing and EH&S. They can be mailed to you upon request.  Call EH&S at 335-3041 for more information.