Washington State University
Environmental Health & Safety Lead Management Program

Lead Management

Lead is commonly added to paint coatings in order to accelerate drying, increase durability and produce vibrant colors.  The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission significantly lowered the amount of allowable lead in consumer coatings in 1978; however, industrial paints typically used for bridges, marine use or on mechanical equipment may still contain greater amounts of lead.

Employees involved in maintaining campus buildings have the greatest risk in disturbing lead-containing paints.  EH&S works closely with Facilities Services, Auxiliary Facility Services and contractors to communicate lead hazards to employees, conduct investigations and respond to inquiries regarding the presence of lead on WSU properties.

Lead may also be present in laboratory and agricultural applications.  If supervisors or employees have any questions or concerns regarding lead hazards in their work environment, contact EH&S to arrange for an evaluation.

Awareness Training

Lead awareness training classes are scheduled regularly and often held in conjunction with asbestos awareness training for Facilities Services and Auxiliary Facility Services employees.  Supervisors and employee(s) may  attend regularly scheduled lead awareness training or arrange personalized training for your group by contacting EH&S.