Washington State University
Environmental Health & Safety Environmental Issues

Water Pollution / Wetland Protection

EH&S helps ensure that all applicable federal, state and local regulations regarding  water pollution are met.  EH&S:

  • Reviews plans and specifications on new construction and remodel of facilities.
  • Assists regulatory agencies during on-site visits and investigations.
  • Upon request, evaluates potential discharges for compliance with permits and federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Ensures that all state Waste Water Permit monitoring, record keeping, reporting, and other compliance issues are met.
  • Submits all applicable federal, state and local permits for waste water and storm water discharges and Notice of Intent applications for construction activities.
  • Provides sampling and analytical services for water pollution discharges.
  • Marks storm drains to help prohibit waste material dumping.

Storm Sewer and Sanitary Sewer Discharges

Departments and individuals are not allowed to discharge materials such as chemicals, waste oils, paints, soil, manure waste water, and other deleterious substances to either storm or sanitary sewers without prior approval from EH&S.

Contact EH&S, telephone 509-335-3041, for the proper disposal procedures for all nonradioactive materials.

Policy: 6.55