Washington State University
Environmental Health & Safety Inspections


  • Inspections should be performed regularly by the PI or laboratory supervisor at a frequency of at least once per year. A form which may be used by the PI or lab supervisor to perform these inspections is presented at the end of this section.
  • Environmental Health & Safety also conducts periodic laboratory safety inspections and upon request.
    • Safety inspections are collaborative efforts between laboratories and EH&S. The PI or a designated lab representative is encouraged to take part in the safety inspection process if possible.
    • EH&S inspections will include a general safety and chemical safety audit and a review of the Chemical Hygiene Plan.
    • If a lab representative is not available or chooses not to attend, unsafe practices or conditions will be reported immediately to the PI or laboratory supervisor. A safety audit report will be sent to the PI or laboratory supervisor with recommendations for corrective action.
    • Laboratories are encouraged to work with EH&S if they need assistance or are unsure how to proceed in correcting deficiencies.
  • The Washington State Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), the WSU Fire & Safety Compliance Officer, and other regulatory agencies may also conduct safety and health compliance inspections of laboratories.
  • The Laboratory Inspection Checklist form may be used by laboratory supervisors or Principal Investigators. A similar inspection form may be used by Environmental Health & Safety inspectors in performing laboratory surveys.