Washington State University
Environmental Health & Safety Safety Equipment


The Washington State Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) requires first aid supplies be readily accessible for employees. The size, quantity and contents of first aid kits are determined by the number of personnel served by each kit and the type of workplace in which different potential hazards are encountered. Special first aid supplies may be required for laboratory, agricultural, industrial or remote/wilderness workplaces (e.g. laboratories using hydrofluoric acid (HF) must have calcium gluconate gel as part of their first aid kit to treat potential HF exposure). See SPPM 2.42 – First Aid Kits for detailed descriptions of first aid kit requirements.

First aid kits are to be:

  • Easily accessible to employees
  • Clearly marked
  • Stored in containers that protect kit items from damage, deterioration, or contamination
  • Easily moved to the location of an injured or acutely ill person
  • Placed on vehicles in the absence of readily-accessible first aid kits in a fixed location

Refer to WSU SPPM 2.42 – First Aid Kits.  (Policy ReferenceWAC 296-800-15020).

Contact Environmental Health & Safety for information for assistance in determining the appropriate size first aid kit (335-3041). University Stores stocks first aid kits and supplies.