Washington State University
Environmental Health & Safety Safety Bulletin Boards

Safety Bulletin Boards

Each University unit is to install and maintain a safety bulletin board in a location where employees routinely visit, such as break room or main entrance/hallway.  The safety bulletin board, or portion of an informational bulletin board, is to be large enough to accommodate required and educational safety material. The following safety posters and annual OSHA 300 Summary are required by state regulations:

Select the desired poster to print for posting or contact EH&S; telephone 335-3041. Each January EH&S sends the OSHA 300 Summary of work-related injuries and illnesses to safety committees for posting on safety bulletin boards. The OSHA 300 Summary is to be posted for the months of February, March and April. In addition to the required safety posters the following educational or promotional materials can also be posted on safety bulletin boards:


Safety Policies and Procedures Manual: Safety Bulletin Boards