Washington State University
Environmental Health & Safety Student Safety Information for Faculty & Staff

Responsibilities for the Safety and Health of Students and Employees

Enhancing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment at WSU requires Faculty and Staff participation and engagement.

  • Be familiar with campus environmental health and safety policies, and programs that address potential hazards.
  • Inform and train students and employees on safety procedures.
  • Identify and correct hazards.
  • Ensure students and employees wear proper personal protective equipment when needed.
  • Inform students and employees of the location and operation of emergency equipment (deluge showers, eyewashes).
  • Instruct students and employees to report all accidents and injuries to their instructors, teaching assistants, or supervisors. For serious injuries, call 911.
  • Promptly investigate and report all accidents involving students or employees using the Incident Report Form.
  • When questions or concerns arise, call the appropriate university department for assistance.