Washington State University
Environmental Health & Safety Employee Asbestos Information and Training
WSU must educate and train employees about the dangers of asbestos exposure and must communicate to those employees their relative risk of asbestos exposure on the job.  There are three levels of risk identified for employees at WSU. 

Most university employees perform office duties or are employed in academic departments. These persons normally do not disturb building materials as part of their work.  Since asbestos is not disturbed, office and academic personnel are considered to be at low risk for asbestos exposure.  Low risk requirements

On the other hand, many of the people involved in maintaining university buildings or in demolition or construction of institutional facilities may disturb asbestos-containing building components, thereby causing asbestos fibers to become airborne.  These employees are considered to be at the second risk level, at high risk of periodic exposure to asbestos.  High risk requirements

The third level of risk is one in which the employee is knowingly exposed to asbestos on a regular basis;  these are employees whose job it is to sample suspect materials or to remove or abate asbestos-containing materials in order to make the work environment safer for the rest of us.  Employees performing asbestos sampling or abatement have known exposure to asbestos and must received specialized training to perform their work.  Certified worker/supervisor requirements