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Environmental Health & Safety Computer Workstation Ergonomics

Ergonomic Chairs

What to Look for in a Chair

A chair equipped with the following adjustable features can be fitted to most users:

  • Height adjustment
  • Arm rests height and lateral adjustments
  • Back rest/lumbar support adjustments
  • Seat pan depth and tilt adjustments  

Adjusting Your Chair

To adjust your chair:

  • Start with you feet flat on the floor.
  • The height should be adjusted so your knees are parallel or slightly lower than your hips.
  • The angle between your torso and thighs should be between 90 and 110 degrees.
  • The seat pan should be level or slope slightly downward, with a minimum of two fingers width between the seat pan and the back of the knees.
  • The back rest angle should slightly recline and support the lumbar region.
  • Arm rests need to be slightly wider than shoulder width apart and comfortably support the arms.  

Purchasing a New Chair

If you are interested in purchasing a new chair it is vital you find one that best fits you and your workstation. To assure a chair will meet your needs; University Stores has several models for you to try in their showroom. University Stores will deliver trial chairs to your office for you to use for a week so you can determine if the chair will work for you. Contact University Stores at 335-4592 or visit their showroom.

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