Washington State University
Environmental Health & Safety Stormwater Management at WSU

Illicit Discharge and Spill Hot Line

An illicit discharge is defined as any discharge that is not stormwater, including but not limited to:

  • potable water sources (water line and fire hydrant flushing, pipeline hydrostatic test water, unless the discharge is dechlorinated and volumetrically and velocity controlled to prevent re-suspension of sediments);
  • discharges from lawn watering and other irrigation runoff;
  • street and sidewalk wash water, water used to control dust and routine external building washdown;
  • car washing activities;
  • soil erosion from construction sites, including street cleaning;
  • illicit connections such as sanitary sewers tied into storm sewers;
  • swimming pool discharges;
  • spilling, dumping or otherwise improperly disposing of hazardous materials, pet waste, and litter.

Illicit Discharge Reporting System

If you see a spill on campus and it looks like it will reach a storm drain or if you observe someone dumping anything into a storm drain, please call:

  • (509) 335-3041 During regular business hours (M-F;8-5)
  • (509) 335-9000 After regular business hours
  • 911 If the spill or activity represents an immediate threat to human health or the environment

If you observe a situation on campus that could likely cause a spill or discharge in the future, please call (509) 335-3041 during regular business hours. We appreciate your help with identifying problems that may impact the WSU storm sewer system and surface waters. Calls can be made anonymously.