Washington State University
Environmental Health & Safety Low Asbestos Risk Requirements

Requirements for WSU Employees with Low Asbestos Exposure Risk

If you are an office worker or faculty member,  instructor or other employee whose job does not involved maintenance or construction of building components, you are at low risk of asbestos exposure.  If you don’t know for sure about your potential for exposure to asbestos while working at the university, please contact the WSU Department of Environmental Health and Safety and ask to speak with an asbestos safety professional on the staff.

Employees with low risk of asbestos exposure are required to be informed about the general health effects of asbestos, about the type and location of asbestos-containing materials in their work environment, and the conditions under which they may be exposed to asbestos.  You may obtain this information by following the link below.

Information for Employees with Low Asbestos Exposure Risk

The Washington Department of Safety and Health requires that all workers, even those with low risk of exposure, receive training about how to recognize asbestos containing materials in the workplace, and how to prevent exposure to the asbestos fibers contained in those materials.  An asbestos awareness training course is provided in the link below.  Note that you will need to have your employee ID number, and your supervisor’s name and email address available at the time you participate in the training.

Training for Employees with Low Asbestos Exposure Risk