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Environmental Health & Safety High Asbestos Exposure Risk Information

Asbestos Information for Employees with High Exposure Risk


Employees who have a high risk of exposure to asbestos need more detailed information than employees whose risk is low.  This page provides links to detailed information about asbestos-containing materials that may be present in an employee’s work environment,  It also provides specific information that the State of Washington provides about the hazards of asbestos, and about the regulations that apply to its control.

How To Locate Asbestos in Your Workplace

WSU representatives have collected the results of many hundreds of samples of building materials taken all over campus and placed them into datasets available for employee access.  There are two asbestos databases;  the first or “OLD” database includes samples taken over the years as questions came up about potential worker exposure.  This “OLD” database contains sample information that does not meet current stringent requirements for quality control, and therefore cannot be used to meet “good faith inspection” requirements for demolition or construction work.  The “NEW” database contains only information that meets current stringent sampling protocol and can be used for all informational purposes, including construction and demolition work. 

Be sure to read all the introductory and “warning” information on the “OLD” database pages.  Click here for access to the asbestos databases.

How To Locate Information about Asbestos Hazards

If you wish to read the information the Washington Department of Safety and Health (DOSH) provides on asbestos hazards, click here.

To go to the DOSH rules for asbestos management in the State of Washington, click here.