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Chemical Waste Information

Environmental Services (ES) assists the University community in safely managing surplus and waste chemicals through recycling, treatment, and disposal programs. ES responds to chemical spills and provides evaluation, cleanup, and monitoring services. ES also provides consultation services in pollution prevention, waste minimization, and contaminated site investigation and remediation.


New Chemical Waste Label Requirements

The small yellow waste labels that EH&S has always provided can now only be used on containers that are one gallon (4 liters) or smaller.  Any container larger than that must have an 8.5″ X 11″ waste label this is now available through EH&S.  The procedure for filling them out will be identical.

New Dangerous Waste label for containers greater than 1 gallon (4 liters)

Dangerous Waste label for containers smaller than 1 gallon (4 liters)

Chemical Waste Management

ES assists generators of surplus and waste chemicals through established recycling, collection, treatment, and disposal programs. ES provides training in the identification, handling, and disposal of chemical waste.

Chemical Spill Response

Call 911 to report chemical spills. If you break a mercury thermometer during normal business hours call 335-3041 for assistance.

ES functions include assisting responsible parties with evaluation of the spill area, selection of appropriate protective equipment, spill cleanup, and post cleanup environmental monitoring.

See S5.62 for more spill response information.

Emergency Response Preparedness and Planning

ES inventories select hazardous materials and prepares emergency response plans to prevent, prepare for and respond to accidental releases. These plans are made available to Federal, State and local emergency response agencies. In addition to the Emergency Management Office, ES also provides assistance to departments and areas in completing their emergency response plans.

ES also coordinates the following programs:

Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization

ES provides consultation services in the evaluation and recommendation of alternative products and procedures that reduce the quantity and toxicity of chemicals used and waste generated.

Contaminated Site Remediation

ES coordinates the investigation, cleanup, and monitoring of contaminated property resulting from past practices, accidental releases, and leaking underground storage tanks.  Call 335-3041 for more information.