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Accident Prevention Program

WSU policy and state regulations require each department to develop and implement an Accident Prevention Program.  Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) has developed an Accident Prevention Program Template to assist departments in developing a program.  To complete the written program, carefully read each section and fill-in the required information and/or modify the text based on your department's needs.

The template is designed for departments to quickly and easily develop their program. The program does not necessarily include all the safety and health information a department may need.  Additional Work Specific Safety and Health Programs are to be integrated into the department’s Accident Prevention Program based on the types of activities they perform.

Questions and requests for assistance can be directed to OH&S.


Accident Prevention Program Template

The template is a guide to develop your department’s Accident Prevention Program by completing the necessary sections and/or modifying the text to meet your department’s needs.

Safety Policies Procedures Manual: Accident Prevention Responsibility

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