Environmental Health & Safety


1.    Inspections should be performed regularly by the PI or laboratory supervisor. A form which may be used by the PI or lab supervisor to perform these inspections is presented at the end of this section.

2.    Environmental Health & Safety also conducts periodic laboratory safety inspections and upon request.

a.    EH&S inspections will include a general safety and chemical safety audit and a review of the Chemical Hygiene Plan.
b.    Unsafe practices or conditions will be reported immediately to the PI or laboratory supervisor. A safety audit report will be sent to the PI or laboratory supervisor with recommendations for corrective action.

3.    The Washington State Department of Safety and Health, the WSU Fire Department, and other regulatory agencies may also conduct safety and health compliance inspections.

4.    The sample inspection form may be used by laboratory supervisors or Principal Investigators. A similar inspection form may be used by Environmental Health & Safety inspectors in performing laboratory surveys.

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