Environmental Health & Safety

General Asbestos Awareness: Online Training

Course Goals

Annual awareness training is required for ALL employees at Washington State University.

Asbestos that is sealed into building materials does not pose a health threat, but when these materials are damaged or deteriorated, small fibers of asbestos may be released into the air. Under certain conditions, employees who work at Washington State University could be at risk of exposure to hazardous asbestos.

Attempts to remove asbestos are difficult, closely regulated, and often prohibitively expensive. To minimize disturbance and make sure asbestos stays bonded and encapsulated within its base material, these building materials are frequently "managed in place." Paint, for instance, may be used as a protective covering.

Increased awareness will help you "watchdog" this management of asbestos by the University. You can help keep yourself and others safe from unnecessary exposure by using this training to recognize and report potential asbestos hazards.

When you have finished the course, you should be able to:

  • Meet the requirement of L&I DOSH regulations (WAC 296-62-07722),
  • Understand University policy regarding building alterations and construction or renovation projects involving asbestos,
  • Identify building materials in University facilities that may contain asbestos,
  • Know health risks and diseases that are related to asbestos exposure,
  • Know how asbestos regulations affect you,
  • Know when not to enter areas that are being renovated,
  • Recognize and report damaged building materials that could release asbestos fibers,
  • Know safety practices you can use to reduce the potential for asbestos releases.
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