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Environmental Health & Safety General Asbestos Awareness: Online Training

Do These Things

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  • Assume building materials (ceilings, walls, floor tile, pipe insulation, etc.) contain asbestos, unless there has been sampling and analysis that shows it is not asbestos.
  • Protect surfaces from wear (e.g. self-stick furniture pads or place furniture or boxes an adequate distance from walls)
  • Make sure your chair casters are correct for the type of floor.  Casters designed for carpet wear floor tiles quickly.
  • Leave suspect asbestos materials alone.
  • Report damaged building surfaces to your supervisor. Supervisors or managers should contact the person to whom they report and Facilities Services (5-9000). At Mount Vernon, Puyallup, Prosser and Wenatchee research stations should contact EH&S – 509-335-3041 to report asbestos damage.
  • Immediately report any dust or debris from an abatement project to your supervisor.

Don’t Do These!

  • Do-it-yourself projects are not allowed by University policy.
  • Do not damage or work on (drill, cut, puncture, etc.) building materials and surfaces that may contain asbestos. These materials include: walls, floors, ceilings, pipes, electrical, windows, doors, ventilation or refrigeration systems, and storage cabinets.
  • Do not store ladders, brooms or personal items next to insulated pipes.
  • Do not damage walls, floors or ceilings while moving or storing equipment.
  • Do not remove suspended ceiling tiles as there could be asbestos materials above them.
  • Do not enter an asbestos removal area for any reason.  Uncontrolled dust or debris outside an asbestos removal area should be reported  immediately to your supervisor or Facilities Services at 335-9000.
  • Do not clean up suspect materials (unless you are trained to do so properly).

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